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About Us

What company is into ?

                3GR Technologies is a product creation and technology services company catering to the burning need for rapid, cost effective software design solutions by companies looking to cut cost and increase efficiency. We combine engineering excellence with innovation to deliver next generation software solutions.
  Company's looks for ...

                3GR'sfocus is on applications with significant programmability and critical software content in them. 3GR's software system architecting competencies help deliver world-class cost effective software solutions with a high degree of optimization. The focus on applications for various platforms used in the distribution and management of rich media content, using emerging wireless and wired technologies.
  Company's pride ..

multi-disciplinary leadership team has valuable experience in international product design, product development and in technology services. Our product development experience spans a width of industries- Engineering, Mobile Device, telecommunication and Banking. This gives us a unique advantage while architecting next generation products for the convergence era that combines Engineering, Mobile Device, telecommunication and Banking. Experience in other technologies includes Browser based applications for Educational Institution and Open Source technologies.

                We relentlessly endeavor to achieve more than just things-to-do and look for a long-term customer relationship. At 3GR Technologies, Quality is seen as a vital issue rather than a requisite for pre-qualification on projects. It has been integrated into the fabric of the business.
Quality is a responsibility of all personnel within the group. We have the leading software and experienced staff being able to deliver 100% accurate assignments.


                The infrastructure has been designed to ensure quality work with a thrust on strict delivery schedules. Well-qualified and trained personnel have executed the respective assigned orders. Having the required latest software & hardware. Our R&D team keeps itself updated with the latest in Software, Wireless Technologies and CRM. We frequently communicate with technologists in various companies globally and take part in IT conferences and seminars. We have the latest software and hardware to accomplish high quality and software.

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