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MxCalc 12c - Release History

MxCalc 12c Platinum - Palm Calculator

  Version- 1.2

Date of Release- 6/2/2006

  • Full Portrait & Landscape support for device capable of changing screen orientation.(Single Screen display)

    Note :- For portrait & landscape you will need to install the compatiblity file packaged in Tungsten_T3_DIA.zip file. Follow the instructions carefully before installing.
  • New button images.
  • Supports keyboard Entry for +,-,X & /.

      Version- 1.1.1

    Date of Release- 3/29/2006


  • Hardware Button support for changing Screens.
  • Supports Keyboard to input numbers.
  • Tap anywhere in the Numbers Display area to change the screens.

      Version- 1.1

    Date of Release- 3/23/2006


  • Calculator usage help.
  • New look !
  • Removed bugs in the Error Code display.

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