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MxCalc SE - Release History

MxCalc SE - Palm Calculator

  Version- 3.0

Date of Release- 5/24/2007

  • High Resolution Created

      Version- 3.0

    Date of Release- 12/12/2006


  • Financial Calculator
  • New MxLoan calculator with features like Compare loans, Save, Export etc.
  • Smart LED Allows to view & edit the expression easily, change settings etc.
  • Finger operated menu & other operations.
  • Multiple Memory registers.
  • Numeric Display in Fix/Normal/Scientific
  • Removed error of Internet connection from MxStock & MxCurrency while Updating the currency.
  • Faster loading of calculators.

      Version- 2.1.1

    Date of Release- 7/1/2006


  • New Launch Menu to quickly switch between modules.
  • Alphabetical sorting of Units & Currencies to quickly locate items in the list.
  • Faster Loading - Removed the Registration screen from program startup.
  • Full name with abreviation of all Currencies.

      Version- 2.1

    Date of Release- 6/12/2006


  • MxUnitConvert - New interface (Full Screen).
  • MxCurrency - New interface (Full Screen).
  • Multi Currency & Multi Value conversion.
  • Factors of the currencies converted to.
  • New 'All' view for coverting values of all currencies at the same time with Input.
  • Summation of different values converted & converted values.
  • Add new currency.
  • New Customization module allows you to hide unwanted properties/units/currencies.
  • New look MxLoan.
  • New look MxAmort.
  • Set Start up preferences. Load any module which you use frequently at startup. for e.g start the program with MxCurrency or MxStock.

      Version- 2.0.2

    Date of Release- 5/22/2006


  • New module - MxStock - get live stock quotes.

      Version- 2.0.1

    Date of Release- 4/29/2006


  • 2 New color themes.
  • Quick Launch of Calculator. Removed initial launch menu screen.
  • Full area Unit display.

      Version- 2.0

    Date of Release- 2/22/2006


  • Currecny Converter with updates.
  • Full Screen display of Loan table.
  • Full Screen display of Amort table.
  • Removed error in Trig functions.
  • New skin with better images & button placement.
  • Added more than 1900 new units in the Unit Converter module.
  • 4 New evaluator functions.
  • Faster Calculations.

      Version- 1.1

    Date of Release- 8/2/2004


  • Loan calculator
  • Amortization calculator
  • Unit Converter & Scientific Evaluator merged in a single intereface. This will make easy to
    evaluate a expression and convert it directly in the same screen & vice versa.

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