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EngCalc (Fluid Mechanics)
Windows Mobile Classic/Professional
(Pocket PC - Touch Screen) Calculator

Price                  :  $19.99 
Version             : 2.0
Release date   : 4/1/2007
Download size : 4.32MB
Size on device :

50 Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculators, Comprehensive Unit Converter with 2900+ Units, 50000+ Conversions, Scientific Evaluator and more....

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Calculations & Conversions at your finger tips. Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator.

A must have for Engineers. Empower yourself with instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Just few taps, and all the calculations that consumed lots of efforts and time will vanish, there by increasing efficiency. This means you will have more time to analyze your information and make better informed decisions, thus helping your company maintain a competitive edge.

New Features:-

  • Calculations in US or Metric units. No need to convert values.
  • Large Input Panel. operate with Finger tips rather than stylus.
  • New look MxCalc with more than 2900 units & New functions.
  • In-Place unit conversion to switch between US - Metric units.
  • Faster Calculations.
  • Constant Values.
  • New look Scientific Evaluator.

    List of Calculators
  • Bernouillis equation
  • Critical pressure ratio
  • Fourier heat Xfer #
  • Fourier mass Xfer #
  • Froude #
  • Grashof #
  • Lewis #
  • Mach #
  • Nusselt #
  • Peclet heat Xfer #
  • Prandtl #
  • Reynolds #
  • Schmidt #
  • Sherwood #
  • Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Weber #
  • Cavitation #
  • Eckert #
  • Specific Heat Ratio
  • Strouhal #
  • Roughness Ratio
  • Temp Ratio
  • Pressure Coefficient
  • Lift Coefficient
  • Drag Coefficient
  • Peclet Mass Xfer #
  • Speed of Sound
  • Biot #
  • Stanton #
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Newtons Viscosity Law
  • Kinematic Viscosity
  • Capillary Pressure in Liquid Drop
  • Tensile Pipe Stress
  • Tensile Stress in Spherical Vessel
  • Isentropic density-Mach # relation
  • Isentropic pressure-Mach # relation
  • Isentropic Temp-Mach # relation
  • Andrades equation
  • Transitional BL Friction Drag Coefficient
  • Circular Disk in Normal, Creeping Flow Cd
  • Circular Disk in Parallel, Creeping Flow Cd
  • Laminar b.l. displacement thickness
  • Laminar b.l. thickness
  • Laminar b.l. momentum thickness
  • Sutherlands Equation
  • Isothermal Gas Layer Press-Elevation Relation
  • Atm Press variation in troposphere
  • Laminar BL Local Friction Coeff
  • Laminar BL Friction Drag Coeffi

  • MxCalc

    The decisive calculator performing all complex calculations & featuring the most comprehensive converter available for Pocket PC.

    The decisive calculator performing all complex calculations & featuring the most comprehensiveItem View converter available for Pocket PC.

  • Matrices Functionsv3. 1
  • Base Conversionv3. 1
  • Date & Time Calculationsv3. 1
  • Supports USA and EUROPEAN style date format v3. 1

  • Supports Portrait, Landscape, Square (Treo 700w) & VGA screen resolutions
  • Most comprehensive Unit Converter with 150+ Categories, 2900 + Units & 50000+ conversions. The best available for Pocket PC.
  • Equation Solver
  • Multiple Skins
  • Operated mostly with finger-tips rather than a stylus.
  • New Display.
  • Fully featured 15 uses trial which can be used in months.

  • Item View Scientific Evaluator


    • Superlative collection of operators.
    • Memory Functions.
    • Instant reference to recent calculations.

      Function Categories
    • Math
    • Trigonometric
    • Hyperbolic
    • Inverse Hyperbolic


    exp, log, log2, log10, abs, sgn, sqr, rnd, int, sqrt
    sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc, asin, acos, atan, acot, asec, acsc
    sinh, cosh, tanh, coth, sech, csch, asinh, acosh, atanh, acoth, asech, acsch

    Item View Financial Functions


    • PV - Present Value.
    • FV - Future Value.
    • NPER - Calculates number of periods of an investment based on periodic constant payments and a constant interest rate.
    • Mortgage & Loan Calculator with Complete table.
    • DDB -Double-declining-balance depreciation method.
    • SLN - Straight-line depreciation.
    • PPMT - Calculates the principal payment for a given period of an annuity based on periodic fixed payments and a fixed interest rate.
    • SYD - Calculates the sum-of-years digits depreciation of an asset for a specified period.

    Item View Statistical Functions


    • Summation of Data
    • Summation of Squares of Data
    • Population standard deviation
    • Sample standard deviation
    • Mean
    • Geometric mean
    • median of the given values.
    • Average of the absolute deviations.
    • Summation of squares of deviations
    • nPr, nCr, Min, Max

    Item View Matrices Functions


    • Determinant(DET)
    • Inverse(INV)
    • Eigen Vector(EIGV)
    • Eigen Value(EIGL)
    • Adjoint (ADJ)
    • Forbenius Norm (FNRM)
    • Rank(RANK)
    • Transpose(TRNS)

    Item View MxSolver


    • Quadratic equation
    • Quadratic simultaneous equations
    • Cubic simultaneous equations

    Item View Loan & Amortization Tables

    Calculate the Total interest, monthly interest, monthly payment, monthly breakup on Principal paid and interest paid. Generate Amortization table with Escrow and Extra principal as optional inputs.

    • Easy to use.
    • Complete chart of all the months

    Item View Unit Converter


    • Most comprehensive unit converter utility tool.
    • Comes with 150+ categories, 2900+ Units and 50000+ conversions.
    • It allows to add more units to the already exhaustive collection.
    • Option to hide rarely used Categories & Units. This enables you to quickly locate the units and do the conversion.
    • A smartly designed input panel not only helps entering numbers but also increases the view area by showing more units at one time.



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