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 Mx Diet
 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Touch Screen) 

Price                  : $14.99     
Version             :  1.0
Release date   : 12/31/2008
Download size : 1.74MB
Size on device :

Get your body in shape ! Take control of your diet and manage you health & fitness. Monitor, track, report your daily activities. MxDiet is creatively designed to manage your desired diet and nutrients goals. $14.99 - Incomparable price.


Product Overview

  • Automatically calculates daily food targets based on just the personal information you provide like Height, Age & Weight.
  • Set weight & nutrient goals and achieve them by monitoring daily activities.
  • Select predefined nutrient plans.
  • 7000+ food items in a comprehensive database covering most of the common food items with their respective nutrient values like Carbohydrate, protein, fat and more..
  • 300+ exercise database contains detailed information of the calories burnt based on the various energy levels.
  • Convert between cooking units. List of 1200+ units categorized as per the food item.
  • Reporting tools in MxDiet empower you to keep accurate track of your goals & evaluate the efforts. Tools assist you in taking informed decisions & making diet plans. The charts avialable in the reporting tools show you the exact progress of your goals. Graph daily intake of Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein etc. & also observe your weight change.
  • Insert daily notes related to anything in the Daily Journal.
  • Maintain & report your daily body measurements.
  • Get instant summary of all the activities in one screen of Logbook.
  • Free Desktop Companion !

    Free Demo available for download!

    Instant Unlocking information available with your purchase order information. Free Desktop companion delivered separatly

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