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PRP Wallet 
Digital Password Manager for
Windows Mobile (Smartphone -  No Touch Screen)

Price                  : $14.99 
Version             : 1.08
Release date   : 4/15/2008
Download size : 3.41MB
Size on device :

Carry all your vital information with this Secure, Safe, Convenient & Powerful personal information management solution. Store passwords, PINs, bank account, credit cards, email usernames, group IDs, membership IDs & any other important information.

Wallet Digital Password Manager Software
  • Storing & accessing all of your important information is now an easy task.
  • Information stored in 256 bits Strongly Encrypted format which keeps the data private & protected.
  • Password Protected Wallet.
  • Assign Icons to a particular record. 75+ easily differentiable icons packaged with the program.
  • Generate passwords with PassGen tool. Allows you to generate password with Numeric, AlphaNumeric( Upper/Lower case) & Special Characters.
  • Categories on the Card Type are usefull to identify Add-on cards or other Family cards can be stored together.
  • Create Folders to any hierarchy, easily tappable Large Icon view.
  • Open URLs directly with the Web Browser.
  • Show/Hide mode for PINs, masked by default.

  • Customizable

  • Edit column titles.
  • Mask values in the main list.
  • Add/Edit Categories to a already exhaustive list.
  • Change default category Icons. Assign/Edit Icons to individual records.
  • Re-arrange Column Order as per the requirement.
  • Sort by any selected Column.
  • Editable Card view with a large collection of Cards to select from.

  • Flexible and Secure

    PRP Wallet is simple to use. Enter, access, and edit your important information quickly and easily.

  • Add/Edit Notes directly to a card.
  • Use notes to add extra long information.
  • Clear values of individual Column at one time.
  • Strong & highly secure Encryption algorithm.
  • Duplicate records.

  • Compatible with all Windows Mobile Smartphone 5.0 & 6.x.

    Brief  Device List
    MoviStar TSM520, Motorola Moto Q 9c, Alltel Moto Q 9c, Sprint Motorola i920, Sierra Wireless VOQ, Motorola Q (5.0), i-mate SP5 (5.0), O2 Xda Cosmo, Samsung ACE, Sprint Samsung ACE, Samsung SGH-i300 (5.0), Asus M930, Alltel Motorola Q, Verizon PN-820, Movistar TSM 520, Verizon Motorola Q, Motorola MPx200, T-Mobile Dash, Sprint Motorola i930, Orange SPV C550, HTC MTeoR, HTC S620/621, HTC S310, Sprint Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack, T-Mobile Shadow, i-mate SPL (5.0), HTC S730, Qtek 8100, AT&T / Cingular 2125 (5.0), Asus M530w, AT&T Pantech Duo, Pantech Duo, T-Mobile SDA, T-Mobile SDA Music, AT&T Motorola Q Global, Motorola Q Global, i-mate Smartphone, i-mate Smartphone2, Palm Treo 500, i-mate SP3, i-mate SP3i, O2 Xphone II, Orange SPV, i-mate SP5m (5.0), Mio 8390, Qtek 8010, Mobile Assistant XPA v1405, Qtek 8020, O2 Xphone, AT&T Samsung BlackJack II, Samsung BlackJack II, Samsung SGH-i620, Samsung SGH-i640, Sprint Moto Q 9c, T-Mobile MDA Mail, T-Mobile SDA U.S. (5.0), Vodafone Palm Treo 500v, Vodafone Samsung SGH-i620, Vodafone Samsung SGH-i640, Dopod 535, Dopod 565, Dopod 575, Toshiba Portege G500 , Orange SPV E100, Qtek 7070, Dopod 557w, Dopod 586w, HTC S710, HP iPAQ Voice Messenger, Motorola Q 9h, HTC S720, Audiovox SMT 5600, Motorola MPx220, Vodafone 1210, Vodafone v1240, Dopod 515, Orange SPV C500, O2 Xda Graphite, Amazing Phone (Smart), Qtek 8080, Motorola MPx200 (Orange), Orange SPV E200, i-mate SPJAS, Dopod C720W, Dopod 595, Dopod S300, Qtek 8500, i-mate Smartflip, Motorola i930, Pantech PN-820, Qtek 8060, Qtek 8300 (5.0), O2 Xda IQ, Qtek 8310 (5.0), Sagem myS-7, Samsung i600, Samsung SGH-i320, Samsung SGH-i600, Mio 8380, AT&T / Cingular 3125 (5.0)

    Also available PocketPRP - Pocket Personal Resource Planning software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC & Smartphone. Visit www.softonhand.com for more details.

    Note :- 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee with all our products. Free trial Calculator download. Free products delivered separately.

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