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MxCalc 12c Platinum - Release History

MxCalc 12c Platinum - Smartphone Calculator

  Version- 1.2.3

Date of Release- 1/5/2007

  • Support for US & European Decimal formats.
  • New 12c Platinum Skin.

      Version- 1.2.2

    Date of Release- 5/5/2006

    (Compatible with SmartPhone)

  • Corrected the values displayed for PMT & FV in TVM registers.
  • Removed scrolling in registers screen. Now all the the registers can be viewed in one screen.
  • Seperate packages for PocketPC 2003 & WM5.0. PocketPC 2003 users do not need to install the .NetCF v2.0 runtimes files.

      Version- 1.2.1

    Date of Release- 4/11/2006


  • Removed Error in installing the application at any location.
  • Removed Double Program Launch Icons.
  • New program Registration system , easy & quick.

      Version- 1.2

    Date of Release- 3/17/2006


  • Square Screeen Support.
  • VGA Screen Support
  • Calculator Usage help.

      Version- 1.1

    Date of Release- 2/19/2006


  • Landscape view.
  • Better graphics.
  • Faster Calculations.
  • Removed bugs in the Error Code display.
  • Compatible with WM 5.0.

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