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EngCalc(Full) - Release History

EngCalc(Full) - Engineering Calculator Software for Smartphone

  Version- 2.0

Date of Release- 4/6/2007

  • Now Available for Windows Mobile Smartphone

      Version- 2.0

    Date of Release- 1/25/2007


  • Calculations in US units or Metric units. Apply settings for all the calculators.
  • Large Input Panel to enter values.
  • Mostly operated with finger, no need of stylus.
  • New updated units list with new Units & Categories/Properties

      Version- 1.5.1

    Date of Release- 10/14/2006


  • Landscape & Square screen Support.
  • New MxCalc program with financial, Statistical, Tip calculator, Currency convertor & other features.
  • New Calculator Interface.
  • New Properties Interface.
  • Removed Registration error.
  • Enhanced input panel.

      Version- 1.5

    Date of Release- 8/16/2006


  • Calculations in US or Metric units. No need to convert values.
  • Faster loading of calculators.
  • Large Input Panel. operate with Finger tips rather than stylus.

      Version- 1.4

    Date of Release- 4/1/2006


  • New look MxCalc with more than 2900 units & New functions.
  • New Group pf Automobile Calculators added with 80 Calculators & 80+ new Electrical calculators. That makes 500+ Calcualtors for all groups combined.
  • In-Place unit conversion to switch between US - SI units.
  • Removed bugs in Units displayed.
  • Faster Calculations.

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