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  MxCalc 15c 
*HP-15c Scientific Calculator software
   for Windows Vista, XP

Price                  :$14.99
Version             :  1.0
Release date   : 10/12/2007
Download size : 766KB

The best Scientific & Engineering RPN calculator. Support for Complex numbers, Matrices, Statistical calculations, Trigonometry, Integration, Equation solver & Basic arithmetic .*HP-15c emulator.

The best Scientific & Engineering RPN calculator for Windows.

~ Looks as good as the *HP-15c
~ Performs as good as the *HP-15c
and more ..

A set of scientific & engineering functions, support
 for complex numbers, matrices & basic arithmetic.
 Esoteric features include transcendental functions &matrix operations.


  • RPN Mode Calculator.
  • Programmable. KeyStroke programming- 499 Steps.
  • Hundreds of built-in functions.
  • Full Screen & Quick Stack Display.
  • Basic Mathematical calculations.
  • Advanced Mathematical calculations.
  • Complex number calculations.
  • Matrix operations.
  • Trigonometric functions.
  • Hyperbolic Trigonometry.
  • Combinations and Permutations.
  • Polar Rectangular conversions.
  • Time conversions.
  • Angle conversions.
  • Solver / Root finder.
  • Definite Integration

  • and more ....

    Note :- Instant Unlocking information.  Free products delivered separately.

    * HP-15C is a trademark of  Hewlett-Packard Company. We are not associated with Hewlett-Packard .

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